Date Rec
1 Album + In Vino Veritas Live Uncle Ian C90

2 Another Uncle Ian Tape Uncle Ian

3 Apparlane - Meditate Uncle Ian C90

4 Beautifying the Highways of America Uncle Ian C90

5 Cinema/Fly Uncle Ian

Master Tape
6 Could be the Video Gig Uncle Ian

7 Death of the Tape Loops - The Dead Set Uncle Ian Boots

8 Dissected Uncle Ian

9 Don't Give Me That Tape! Uncle Ian C90 1984
2 copies of this one. Are they the same?
10 First RZ1 Jam + Going Ape Backing Tape Uncle Ian C90

11 Going Ape in the Optics Factory Uncle Ian

12 Going Ape in the Optics Factory Uncle Ian

13 Ian and Friends Uncle Ian
May 18th 1983
14 Live at Stonehenge Uncle Ian

15 Live at the Wood Green Odeon (Club Dog) Uncle Ian C90 1986
Cynic the Bismark on side B
16 Long Live the Tape Loops Uncle Ian

17 Ow! Live at the Hornpipe Uncle Ian
18 Shoot You in the Foot/Funeral Uncle Ian C60

19 Shove It Radio Uncle Ian

Midnight to Six on the B side
20 Spectral Madness - It Cease to Be Uncle Ian

21 Suburban Psalter Uncle Ian C90

22 That Amazing Sound Uncle Ian

23 The American Rope Trick Uncle Ian C90

24 The Bramble Farm Experiment Uncle Ian

25 The Bramble Farm Experiment PtIII Uncle Ian C90 1986

26 The First Tape Uncle Ian
1983 Dec 30, 1983 Some bits of this tape need to be played very loud.
With Andy Royston Mills on Loathe Lorian.
27 The Incredible Xorb Show Uncle Ian

28 The Incredible Xorb Show PtI & PtII Uncle Ian
29 The Urban Picnic Live Uncle Ian

Plus The Lament for the Lost Bass
30 This Side of Paradise Uncle Ian

The Video Gig
31 Transparent Television Uncle Ian C90

32 Y Uncle Ian C60

33 You Need a Funeral Uncle Ian Boots

34 Safehouse Uncle Ian & IG Farben

35 Against the Tide Sampler Uncle Ian & Others
Featuring Fly/Cinema
36 Out of Time Uncle Ian Solo

37 Seven Years to make a Man Uncle Ian Solo Project C60

38 Vital Cinema Live at Bear Steps Hall Uncle Ian & The Land of Yrx
39 Shove it Radio/Noit is Opmoc Uncle Ian & the Tooth Decay

40 The Urban Picknickers en route de la Peel Acres Uncle Ian & the Tooth Decay C60

41 The Urban Picnic Uncle Ian & the Tooth Decay C60

42 In Vino Veritas Live Uncle Ian/Land of Yrx/Creatures of Habit C90 1984
43 Live at Bear Steps Hall The Land of Yrx
44 Live at the Hornpipe The Land of Yrx C60 1984
9th Nov 1984
45 Live at the Hornpipe 1288 Cartel
1984 Nov 9, 1984
46 In Nominis Patri - A Live Performance Aerie C60 1982

47 Inertia Remains Dominant Aerie C120

48 Poor Lizard Head Captain Pike and the Crucials

49 Ballet in Black Exis

50 The Big Brass Sound of Harry Skillet & his Orchestra Harry Skillet C60

51 Cries to the Sky IG Farben

52 Night and Fog IG Farben C60

53 Someone Else's Problem Land of Yrx

54 What I'd Like to do to the rest of the World Nick the Bastard

55 Songs for Swinging Larvae Renaldo and the Loaf

56 Live at Stonehenge Cardiacs C90 1984

57 Live at Surbiton Assembly Rooms Cardiacs C90 1985

58 Live at Stonehenge Earth Ritual Hawkwind

59 Stolen Moments Here & Now


more info and track listings to come...