T h e M a k i n g of S e a s i d e T r e a t s

d i a r y


Taken from contemporaneous notes:

Film of gig at Surbiton Assembly Rooms 18th April 1985

Filmed on two u-matic cameras. One static on tripod by mixing desk in middle back of hall. Second - roving at front of stage and at side of stage. Sound recorded on stereo Nagra. One channel line out from foldback mix on mixer. Two channel through Sennheiser mic at back of hall.

Concert lasted roughly 1 hour 20 mins with encores. Sound synched to pictures. Digital delay used to get two tracks of Nagra in sync and actual picture sync done manually with varispeed controller due to problems with autosync!
Monday 29th April - Cardiacs come down to v. workshop to view footage. Fairly well pleased. Discussions take place over further projects. (James - manager. Tim - singer. Sarah - sax and Tim - percussion.)
Possibility of making vid for release on the video jukebox circuit. Soundtrack would be taken off forthcoming 4 track E.P. - pictures to be supplied by us etc. Possibility of use of vid mixer - effects etc. at Jukebox company in Blackpool - or use Tarot effects? maybe do some filming in derelict theatre. Theatre Royal?? Kings?? Not quite derelict anymore. Use of Super 8 - 16mm - sepia toned film etc. Residents.
Editing Surbiton Gig finished 10th May 1985.