T h e M a k i n g of S e a s i d e T r e a t s

v i d e o s


01 Icing on the world

02 To go off and things

03 In a city lining

04 It's a lovely day

05 Is this the life 06 Eating in bed
07 Dive
08 All his geese are swans
09 A little man and a house
10 Hope day
11 The whole world window
12 Encore - Gina Lollabrigida
13 RES
14 Hymn
15 Nurses whispering verses
b a c k


All the tracks from the infamous Surbiton Assembly Rooms gig of 18th April 1985. Some have been uploaded to Youtube in suprisingly good quality by Gehenna the Horse. The remaining are provided here in glorious MP3 audio format.

Hopefully the Horse's mouth will issue the rest at some time in the future.